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Materials Management

The chronological, quantitative, qualitative, and where appropriate spatial planning and control of material movements is a core process in the electronics and equipment manufacturing. Here we rely on our computerized material management, which always ensures our skilled and experienced team to have an overview of the procurement situation in the very volatile electronics market.

Material Procurement


Materialbeschaffung bei CLEMENS GmbH

Cutting-edge materials management is a key process in the production where it is important to keep track of the many overlaps and intersections with various corporate, but also external functional areas. No problem for us!

As part of our manufacturing services and in accordance with our motto "Everything from a single source,", we handle the procurement and warehousing of the required parts for your products.


Material Identification and Traceability


Materialrückverfolgbarkeit bei CLEMENS GmbH

The quality of final products cannot exceed the quality of the supplied components. In order to ensure the lowest possible failure rate, we place great value on our extensive quality management, which also includes material identification and traceability.

We record serialized material via scanning to our ERP System and can therefore always display what material was used in each particular production lot - full traceability of components and parts is ensured for your verification.


Proactive Customer Information


Proaktive Kundeninformation bei CLEMENS GmbHUnexpected bottlenecks in materials procurement or discontinuation components are challenges that have to be dealt with. If something does not run according to plan, we will inform you immediately and ensure that your project continues to move forward promptly. In case of discontinued components we will support you with the definition and procurement of all-time supply or in searching for alternative components.


Your contact person

Wolfgang Schohe
Head of Purchasing &
Quality Assurance