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    Thermocycler –

    Technology for life.

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    Highly accurate

    electronic controls.

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    Extremely high heating 

    and cooling rates.

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    Electronic manufacturing

    made by CLEMENS.

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    assembly of devices.

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    Maximum precision down 

    to the smallesdetail.

Own Testing Systems

Calibration Systems for Thermal Cycler

Starting Point
The Thermal Cycler must provide temperatures ranging from 4 °C to 100 °C - with absolute accuracy. In order to calibrate and adjust these devices, a high-precision measuring system with a large number of sensors is required, which are immersed in the sample holder of the thermal cycler and record the temperatures as required in the operation.

The Result
Classical calibration systems for thermal cyclers are connected via a multi-stranded and highly sensitive ribbon cable with an external data logger, which processes the measurement results and sends these to a PC. The adjustment of the thermal cycler must then be carried out manually using the captured measurement results.

Our innovative calibration system makes all this unnecessary. The system is simply inserted into one of our thermal cyclers. Through contacts in the lid, the system is powered and can directly communicate with the thermal cycler. Therefore neither ribbon cables, external data loggers nor a PC are required. The calibration and adjustment is done automatically via the software of the thermal cycler without manual intervention.

No other system on the market offers this outstanding ease of use.

Our Services

  • Development of the product concept Creation of functional models as Proof-of-Concept
  • Development of electronics and mechanical design
  • Development of firmware, the calibration and alignment procedures
  • Development of the graphical user interface
  • Electromechanical assembly incl  procurement
  • Commissioning, initial calibration and end test
  • Recalibration at defined time intervals