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    A good concept –

    the basis for success.

    With our experience you
    will transform your idea
    into an optimal concept.

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    The power of innovation

    for functional solutions.

    Electronics, software and
    mechanical design -
    all from a single source.

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    Rapid Prototyping

    ist the motto.

    Rapid implementation
    of mechanical and
    electronic prototypes.

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    Electronics production

    with flexibilty and quality.

    With our employees and
    production machines we
    solve your challenges.

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    Material Management –

    Low costs for the series.

    We keep a close eye on
    the volatile electronics market.

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    Production –

    Made in Germany.

    Highest quality products
    built with precision. 

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    After-sales service

    that completes the concept.

    Once delivered our
    service continues.

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

In the field of electronic contract manufacturing our customers can rely on on-demand services ranging from EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) to EES (Electronic Engineering Services).

According to the customer’s request we handle the PCB design, the design of complete electronic systems or PCBs, re-design and Prototyping. Once a sample is approved the production process is handled automatically by our modern machinery. We manufacture cost effective / low-cost prototypes and small volumes, as well as quantities of 5,000 to 10,000 units per year. Across up to 4 Laserlite placement  tables we assemble conventional wired components which are then finished on a double-wave soldering machine with 450 mm working width and integrated spray fluxing.

We are certified according to EN ISO 9001/2015 and EN ISO 13485/2016 and see ourselves as a specialist with the highest quality standards.

Automatic Assembly (SMT)


Automatische Bestückung bei CLEMENS GmbH

With modern MIMOT placement machines we realize PCB assembly in surface mount technology efficiently from a componend size of 0402 und boards up to 440 x 300 mm with a maximum capacity of 9,000 placements per hour.

For our SMD production we apply vapor phase soldering (condensation soldering), thus ensuring a 100% protected atmosphere during the vapor phase. Overheating is excluded as the temperature for lead-containing products is at maximum of 200° C, and for lead-free products at 230°C.

Quality assurance is carried out by high-performance AOI systems from Orbotech.


Manual Placement (THT)


Manuelle Bestückung (THT) bei CLEMENS GmbH

In the field of information electronics, wired components are largely replaced by SMD components. Many products still comprise partially or entirely conventrional wired components. The assembly of such components  (through-hole technology) is carried out on Laserlite placement tables. Quality is always the top priority for our trained staff. The components are then connected with the circuit board on our selective soldering machine (SEHO) with highest precision.


Component Coating and Embedding


Lackieren und Vergießen bei CLEMENS GmbH

Due to the highly diverse applications electronic assemblies are increasingly faced with extreme environmental conditions. At the same time, integration density increases. Nevertheless, in order to ensure a proper functionality of the modules, the coating with a protective- or EMC-varnish is often required. In many cases due to the strict explosion protection regulations or due to use under harsh environmental conditions, the assembly encapsulation is often essential to ensure robustness. For this step, we have a completely vented varnish plant as well as the corresponding technical equipment.


Press-in Technology


Einpresstechnik und Kabelkonfektion bei CLEMENS GmbH

In addition to conventional printed board assembly, it is possible to connect devices such as connectors with the circuit board via the press-in technology. By pressing multi-pin connectors an additional attachment (screws, rivets, etc.) have become unnecessary, specifically for areas such as backplanes, back panels, and motherboards.

The advantages of the press-in technology are: no thermal load, no solder bridges, no flux residues and reparability. Of course, we dispose over the respective equipped for these additional work steps.


Component and Device Mounting


Baugruppen- und Gerätemontage bei CLEMENS GmbH

From design to PCB assembly to complete assembly – we offer you everything from a single source. In addition to our Electronic Manufacturing Services, we also offer installation of electronic assemblies in casings and all other assembly work. We work on the in-house built assemblies or those provided by third parties and provide these in the required casings.

We are happy to build your complete product until placing into operation and customer-specific final testing.


Your contact person

Daniel Moisoni
Head of
Electronic Manufacturing